Since Fall of 2019 the MN-TAC (formerly TALC) community has held numerous community conversations, and it became clear that a common set of standards, similar to the Chicago Theater Standards (CTS), needed to be developed for the MN arts community. The CTS were developed in 2015 as a response to issues that were happening in Chicago Theaters that raised awareness around the need for a community commitment to reducing the problem of sexual harassment. Though they are an excellent resource, they are not robust enough to address the issues that are of concern in the Minnesota arts community. 

We began the work to development our own set of standards for Minnesota on February 17th 2020 at the History Theatre in St. Paul. In order to have a place to start, we discussed the CTS. You can read them by clicking on the link below. Other documents have been brought to our attention that serve a similar purpose, but none of them seem to address the issues we want to address in education for the arts, production areas and the complexities of keeping young artists safe. You can access these documents by clicking on the buttons below if you want to read them.


If you are interested in the ongoing efforts of MN-TAC in the development of standards and resources, join us! We need your voice in this conversation. We can't know what's important to you if you don't participate. Please reach out to the Admin Circle by filling out the form on the Contact Us page and indicate how you would like to participate.