HOW DOES THIS WORK? Hopefully this will explain how we are attempting to go about this work, who's who, and what they do!


It is always the intention to keep all information flowing between these community circles. Information is not a commodity, everyone has the right to access knowledge of what is going on in every circle. Transparency is a core part of this structure and a standard we want to emulate. 

That being said, because of the nature of trauma, which is at the heart of what brings us to this work, not everything that is shared with the Admin Circle will be shared with the entire community. There are some things that require us to hold them with care, respect the privacy of individuals, and keep safety at the center of everything we do. 

Private information of MN-TAC members will not be shared without the express consent of the individual. We will not give out contact information without permission and we will never put anyone at risk with knowledge we have acquired. Thank you for your understanding in this important standard we hold for ourselves.


MN-TAC Admin Circle, Facilitators and Editing Team


We use a discussion facilitation process called ORID to keep our community  conversations running smoothly. Here is a simple graph showing the ORID steps and what the focus of each of the areas is. Our volunteer facilitators have gone through a basic training to help keep things on track with the ORID process.

This PowerPoint was presented to the community at the July 13th 2020 community meeting in hopes of bringing clarity to our process. It is an organic process and we will update information as we hone in on the best way to accomplish this work.