MNTAC is made up of a few core people who got the ball rolling, and a bunch of people like you, who show up to participate in conversations. We are volunteers from all areas of the theater world, all departments, all ages. By taking a stand and saying that you are no longer willing to work in unsafe environments, or employ people who don't adhere to safe practices, you are a leader simply by using your voice.

We asked our community and ourselves these questions:

  • What does accountability look like?

  • What would it look like if people moved towards accountability instead of away from it?

The answer:

Systems don't change just because there is a desire for change, they change with action. Here are some ways you can help us to create a community that leans into accountability:

  • Come to a community meeting and share your ideas and concerns

  • Help spread the word, share our website, and bring a friend to a meeting

  • Volunteer for committee work

  • Talk to Arts Administrators about supporting MNTAC

  • If you have a skill that would be useful to the effort, let us know!

Please join us and be a leader in this effort yourself, because your voice matters! Click on the link below to sign up for areas you are interested in working on.